Ricardo Simal

Ricardo studied Photography at Ruth Prowse School of Art in Cape Town. He moved to London for 5 years after studying and assisted a number of incredible photographers. He returned to Cape Town and has been shooting locally and internationally ever since. 

Q: You can have any super power, what would it be?

A: To fly!

Q: How did fashion become your main focus in photography?

A: When I moved to London I started assisting fashion photographers and my passion started to grow from there. 

Q: Your portraiture style is minimal and intimate throughout the years. Did you craft this style or did it come naturally?

A: Naturally. I like a raw aesthetic and I try translate that through my work.  

Q: You have shot editorial work on film. How do you convince your client on using the medium and how do they approve/sign off on shots when on set?

A: Sometimes the client is open to using film, others you have to give a little nudge. I can frame up shots using digital to give an idea of what the shot might look like.

ELLE SA - LAGOS from Ricardo Simal on Vimeo.



Q: Do you have more creative control when using film as a medium editorially?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you draw a clear line between commercial work and personal work or do you approach and execute both in the same manner?

A: It depends. Pretty much all of my personal work is shot on film. Digital and film are different journeys from start to finish. 


Q: What inspires you to shoot Super 8 and 16mm film? Is it purely the look you get or is it also based on a slowed down more precise workflow that comes into play?

A: It is a combination of both. Shooting film itself is a lot more intimate and I love the in depth process that goes into shooting on film. 

Q: What film gear do you use for motion and stills work?

A: Pentax 67, Contax G2 & T3, Canon Super 8

Q: What is your biggest film horror story?

A: Luckily I haven’t had one…yet! But I have come close to loosing negatives.

BON MAGAZINE from Ricardo Simal on Vimeo.


Q: What advice can you give newcomers to film photography with an interest in fashion?

A: Assist as much as you can on fashion shoots to get a feel and understanding of what it’s like being on set.

Q: What local & international photographers inspire you?

A: Tim Walker, Sarah Moon, Pieter Hugo & Dustin Lynn





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