Bergger Prestige RC1 - 17.8 x 25cm

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BERGGER Prestige RC1 Glossy - 100 Sheets

Contrast Control

The contrast, in a range equivalent to grades 00 to 5, can be achieved through the color filters used in the enlarger. Ilford Multigrade or Kodak Polycontrast filters are ideally suited, as are Durst enlargement heads with yellow and magenta filters.

Exhibition Guide

This paper has been designed for use with tungsten or tungsten halogen light sources. Other light sources can provide different contrast values. 
For Ilford Multigrade filters, grades from 00 to 3 have the same speed (ISO P 250) and grades 4 to 5 require double exposure 
Correspondence grade / filter for a typical enlarger 

When no filter is used, paper has a contrast of about 2 and an ISO speed P 640.

Handling and Security Lighting

Kodak OC safelight or equivalent for multicontrast is recommended. Red safelight can also be used. It must always be more than one meter from the paper.


PRESTIGE RC 1 can be processed in a machine to develop the B & W papers or in a bowl.


Any good quality developer for black and white paper gives good results. However, BERGGER recommends developing the paper in the BERGGER Neutral Print developer for cold to neutral tones, and in the BERGGER Warmtone Print developer for slightly warmer tones. In general, it will take between 60 and 90 seconds at 20 ° C.


After rapid rinsing with water or solution, the tests should be fixed in a black and white paper fixing bath, following the manufacturer's recommendations. In general, it will take about 1 min at 20 ° C.


Fixed tests should be washed under running water for 3 to 4 minutes.

Stability of the Latent image

PRESTIGE RC 1 has excellent latent image stability characteristics.

No changes appear in the tests, even after 24 hours.