Gone are the days of scrolling through complicated multitudes of processing options. Meet our new simplified way.

  1. Head over to Lab Services
  2. Make your pick and add your number of rolls into the quantities at the bottom. Please note - If you are sending different film sizes (35mm, 120, 4x5) or different film types (Colour Negative, Black & White, E6), you''ll need to create a new item for each.
  3. At check out you'll be asked again if you want your negatives returned or not.
  4. Put your film in a ziplock bag with your order number and name.
  5. Grab an Aramex satchel from your nearest Pick 'n Pay (You can use any courier actually, as long as they deliver it to our lab)
  6. Send your film to: 7 Orphan Street, City Centre, Cape Town, 8000