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ILFORD Paterson Darkroom Starter Kit

ILFORD Paterson Darkroom Starter Kit

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Making traditional black & white prints in a darkroom is one of the most enduring and appealing aspects of film photography yet for many it can initially appear overwhelming.

This kit is a convenient and affordable way to start making beautiful prints from your negatives and brings together a selection of essential darkroom equipment and materials from two of the UK’s leading manufacturers of analogue products making it an excellent choice for all film photographers looking to set up a home darkroom.

In the Box

  • Paterson Ilford & Paterson Darkroom Starter Kit
  • Ilford Multigrade RC Deluxe Pearl 8 x 10" 25 Sheet Box
  • Ilford Multigrade Developer 500mL Bottle
  • Ilford Ilfostop 500mL Bottle
  • Ilford Rapid Fixer 500mL Bottle
  • Paterson 1200mL Graduate Cylinder
  • Paterson 150mL Graduate Cylinder
  • Paterson Chemical Mixer
  • 3 x Paterson 8 x 10" Trays (Red / White / Gray)
  • 3 x Paterson Print Tongs (Red / White / Gray)
  • Paterson Micro Focus Finder
  • Paterson Thermometer Small (9")

*A darkroom, enlarger and safelight are not included. For a convenient darkroom solution, we recommend the ILFORD Pop-Up Darkroom.

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