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Paterson Universal Tank and 2 Reels (Super System 4)

Paterson Universal Tank and 2 Reels (Super System 4)

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Optimized for developing up to two rolls of film, this Paterson Super System 4 Universal Developing Tank features a versatile and compact design that holds up to two 35mm rolls of film or a single 120/220 roll at a time. Super System 4 tanks feature a high-impact polystyrene design that's durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. Included with this tank is two Auto Load Reels, a matching center column, funnel, lid, and agitator rod.

Super System 4

  • High-impact polystyrene construction is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean
  • Two Paterson Auto Load Reels are included
  • Funnel has a unique snap-in design that is light-tight and quick to install and remove
  • Large-diameter design promotes fast filling and dumping speeds for improved developing accuracy
  • Supports both rotary and inversion agitation methods

Auto Load Reel

  • Designed specifically for Super System 4 tanks
  • Smooth finish and twin ball ratchet system ensures easy film loading
  • Adjustable design to accommodate 35mm, 127, and 120/220 film formats
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